The Galaxy project and Galaksio

What is Galaxy?

Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. If you are new to Galaxy you can find several manuals and information here. According to Galaxy's documentation, its goal is to develop and maintain a system that enables researchers without informatics expertise to perform computational analyses through the web. A user interacts with Galaxy through the web by uploading and analyzing the data. Galaxy interacts with underlying computational infrastructure (servers that run the analyses and disks that store the data) without exposing it to the user.

What is Galaksio?

Galaksio provides a workflow-centric graphical user interface for the Galaxy Workflow Management system in order to provide an accessible and automated interface for biologists and medical researchers completing routine tasks in bioinformatics. Galaksio reduce the workload of bioinformaticians as routine tasks can be performed with minimal training using verified procedures. The presentation of workflows also provides a comprehensive overview of necessary input data and a reporting tool to export the history or workflow for later evaluation or replication.